Sunday, May 23, 2010

Watch less TV

So tonight is the series finale of "Lost" and concludes a week of season finales for network TV. This leaves us TV addicts with lots more time to do other things, like reading books, enjoying the outdoors, or spending more time with our loved ones. Of course, the kids will be out of school soon and, if yours are anything like mine, they'll be driving you and each other crazy saying they're bored or just getting on each others nerves. And it's easy to just put them in front of the TV or the Wii to entertain themselves for a few hours to keep the peace and your sanity.

How about finding alternatives to that? Take your kids to a craft store or even the dollar store and find some kits and supplies to keep them occupied for an hour or so. Rearrange your kids toys so it seems new to them. (I've done that recently and it's amazing how that rejuvenates the life of their toys). A friend of mine set up her kids' playroom to resemble a daycare with designated centers for different things. If you set up their costumes with a full length mirror they will play with them for hours, or at least enough time to figure out what else to do. Set up a CD player or iPod in their playroom and put their favorite music on and you'd be surprised how long they'll play and not even mention the TV.

As for us adults, while the children are occupied, or if you don't have children, the choices are endless on TV-less entertainment. Take a walk after dinner, ride a bike (with or without the kids), play board games, get some books at the library, go thru some of your stuff and purge, discover your crafty side and start scrapbooking or start a digital photo book.

Use your imagination! I'm sure you and your kids will find loads of stuff to do and won't even miss the TV... much.

Less energy used, more quality time spent. :)

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