Saturday, July 24, 2010

Support local green restaurants/grocery stores

After the news this week of the oil spill finally getting capped and seeing that people have already gone back to business as usual, I was feeling rather uninspired to write anything for this blog. But I was rejuvenated by my experience eating out last night.

We ate at Doner Bistro in Leesburg and was pleasantly surprised by their very green ways. Their menu consists of German food and if you plan on eating there I'd recommend splitting a meal as the portions are rather large. However, what inspired me was that their "plastic" eating utensils were actually made from corn, as well as their cups. And their to-go boxes are compostable! For an eco-nerd like myself I was in heaven.

So it got me thinking: why aren't more businesses doing the same? I don't like to get take-out too much since their packaging is usually the standard styrofoam, so maybe if I suggest to those restaurants to make the switch they would get my business more often.

I've done a little research for those of you in Loudoun County in Northern Virginia for restaurants and grocery stores who either choose to use local produce/meat and/or are using green practices like Doner Bistro.

Whole Foods
Trader Joes
American Flatbread in Ashburn
Chipotle in Ashburn, Sterling, Reston
Mom's Apple Pie in Leesburg (featured on Food Network)
Fireworks Pizza in Leesburg
Tuscarora Mill in Leesburg
South Street Under in Leesburg (who also have a stand at the Leesburg Farmer's Market. Delicious!)
Lightfoot in Leesburg
Vintage 50 in Leesburg
Vintage 51 in South Riding
Mangolia's at the Mill in Purcellville
Patowmack Farm in Lovettsville
Dominion Brewing Company in Ashburn
Clyde's at Broadlands in Ashburn

For a list of green restaurants in Virginia, visit:

For those of you in other areas of the country, google "green restaurants" and type the name of your county or city next to it. You should find plenty of options, hopefully.
Visit these restaurants and tell them you appreciate their efforts on being green. Hopefully it will be the standard for future restaurants.

Thanks for reading and try not to forget that oil is still a precious commodity. Even with the temps in the 100s, find something to do to be green. Thank you!

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