Saturday, September 25, 2010

No more disposable mops!!

I have a major pet peeve that I'd like to get off my chest: disposable mops.  I hate them.  I dislike many disposable products but can understand why it's easier in this society to use something and then throw it away.  Unfortunately, though, that means more waste in the landfill, and more resources needed to create new disposable products.  There are alternatives out there that don't require much more work and are just as effective if not BETTER.  They also can save you money by not having to by the refills.

So, today's blog is about the alternatives to disposable mops out there, such as the Swiffer.  There was recently a problem with the chemicals found in the Swiffer being toxic for children & pets, so why put your family at risk and use natural cleaners instead.
Here's what I've found:

Spray mops:
These mops have a container where you can put your own solution to spray on the floor.  This saves you money by either making your own solution, or by buying refills for your favorite cleaning solution (either non-toxic or toxic, your choice.  You know which I'd choose.)  They also feature a micro-fiber pad which is washable and reusable.  I love this idea!  I haven't tried either yet, but the concept is brilliant.  If you have used a Swiffer and are used to this idea, why not try this alternative?
The brands I've seen recently are:
Libman Freedom Spray Mop:  Doesn't require batteries, (about $20-30).  Visit their site for a $5 rebate coupon:
Rubbermaid Reveal: also requires no batteries (about $20-30)
Gaiam Spray Mop Kit (about $60)

The old-fashioned bucket and mop way:
The traditional way of cleaning your floors with a mop and bucket of water never appealed to me, but is very effective.  Lots of work and lots of water used.  It was a headache for me, but I know people who won't clean any other way.  To each, his own.  There are washable, reusable microfiber mop heads that are great such as Casabella or Real Simple.  

Dry mops:
Method oMops are great.  They have different ones for wood floors or all-purpose, and they have great non-toxic cleaners that go with them.  Method mops come in recycled and recyclable packaging for even less of an environmental impact.  How about that!  I've also tried the terry cloth mop heads for hardwood floors that are washable and reusable.

Steam mop:
This is by far my favorite way to clean my floors.  I mentioned this in a previous post about non-toxic cleaning.  All it takes is a little water and a plug.  It steams the floors clean, and cleans especially well on wood floors.  It requires no chemicals (besides water) and has replaceable microfiber cloths that are washable.  The Shark steam mop comes with 3 different types of mop pads: triangular (to clean bathrooms, around toilets), white rectangular (to clean large areas), and a purple one with a different loopy material (for wood floors).  There are 2 of each of these so you can have one in the dirty clothes hamper while you use the other one.  (I just bought the Shark steam cleaner and have mixed reviews.  More on that another day).
I have only used the Shark steam mop, but there are several out there to try such as Bissell, Eureka, Steam Clean, H2O, and others.  I got mine at Bed, Bath & Beyond with a 20% coupon, and it was totally worth the price I paid.

If disposable is still your way to go, then try Method's oMop sweeper duster.  Just like your old trusty disposable mop, you can throw the pads away when you're done.  However, these mop pads are made from corn and are compostable, instead of the petroleum-based pads that clog up the landfill.

So there you have it, all of the different ways to clean your floors using eco-friendly products.  I can't promise that mopping will become your favorite chore in the house, but at least you'll feel better by doing it a little greener.  :)


  1. LOVE this. I wanted to throw out there that you can even turn your swiffer into an eco-friendly tool by simply not using the stuff you are supposed to with it. I got one as a wedding gift a long time ago, and while it was great, I was SO upset about hearing the cleaning stuff was toxic to pets and kids-and that got me thinking about the waste of the pads too.

    I simply bought some mop pads from my local grocery store and fit them on the swiffer head, then use the 7th Generation floor cleaner with it by just splashing some on my floor.

    So I'm still using my swiffer and didn't have to trash that, but made it better :)

    Anyways, I love your blog and all the ideas you have!

  2. Thank you so much for reading! What a great idea for reusing the Swiffer mop instead of just tossing it in the trash. And you saved money by not having to buy a new mop. Love it!