Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy Earth Month!

One year ago this month, I started posting 30 days of eco-tips on my eco-mami Facebook page.  I'm providing more eco-tips in honor of Earth Day again this month.  These are just little ways each of us can make a difference in putting a dent in our energy consumption and our impact on the environment.

Unfortunately, last year was especially significant environmentally due to the Gulf oil spill that lasted for months.  This year has been marked with the nuclear disaster in Japan, as well as the wars that are still happening in the Middle East over oil.  It is time we become energy-independent in this country but agreeing on how seems to be an impossible task with the politics that are involved.

I know that we can do our part by conserving the energy we use and by the choices we make every day.  Not depending on oil in every aspect of our lives, especially plastic, is one way to help curb our need for this limited resource.  Not buying into the disposable trend and using as many reusable things as we can is another way.  Being conscious of our purchases including everything from cars to dishwashers to the food we eat impacts the energy we use.  Every little bit counts.

So make an extra effort this month to be green.  It's not just a trend, it's our planet.

Look for events in your area to learn a few things about how to be kind to Mother Earth.  Here are a few events in honor of Earth Day happening in the Northern Virginia area:

Loudoun County: at Clyde's in Ashburn, VA at the Village in Leesburg, VA (Wegman's shopping center)
Fairfax County: at Fairfax Government Center in Alexandria, VA
Charlottesville, VA: at the winery
Virginia: which lists events all over the state



  1. Kudos to you for doing this! Are you going to do my homework for me and post a list of Chicagoland resources next? :)

  2. Here's the events in Chicago that I could find:
    Loyola University:
    Nature Museum:
    Lewis University:


  3. Thank you so much for stopping by Staying Home and Staying Sane....I read your About Me and laughed....that is how I feel!! I can not go without my DVR and yes, I have an SUV (that gets excellent gas mileage though) and we have to buy our organic fruit, I can barely keep my grass alive. I'm a new follower. :)

  4. Thanks for reading! Love to hear about normal moms like me trying to stay green but live every day lives like everyone else. :)