Thursday, September 15, 2011

Car shopping

Hello, friends!  I need some advice.  I am about to add a third child to our brood and feel that we may have outgrown our current vehicle.  I have a crossover SUV that I love because of the way it drives and also for all of the room we have in the third row and back trunk space.  What I don't love is how many other problems we've had with this car, such as, the windows not rolling down, or the AC turning ON after I turned the car OFF.

So now we are debating to either pay off the car and have no car payments, but still deal with the weird quirkiness about it, OR get a new car that is better quality and will last us at least 5 years.  If we go with the latter, then we have to decide what kind of car to get.  We went car shopping last weekend and the choices are endless.

I'd love to get a hybrid, but wonder if it will have enough room for 3 kids and still be affordable?  Is the third row comfortable enough for a 6 ft tall boy/man (which my son will most likely be in the next 5 years)?  Is it fuel-efficient?  Is it reliable and safe?

We found several cars that are big enough, but are gas-guzzlers and drive like tanks.  We found a few that were fuel-efficient, but not roomy enough in the back.  We found others that are fuel-efficient and have enough room, but are ridiculously expensive.  Then there was the debate of clean-diesel and whether or not that was really the most environmental choice (which, it turns out, is pretty eco-friendly.  Not to be confused with clean-coal).

So, friends, do you have any recommendations for a fuel-efficient, roomy, not outrageously expensive vehicle that's reliable?  (And for now, a mini-van isn't an option.  My vanity won't allow it).  If one exists, I'd love to know which it is so we can get to that dealership ASAP.  The baby is due very soon, and I'd like to get my ducks in a row.  Thanks!