Saturday, July 31, 2010


We're half-way through the summer and even with summer camps, the kids are having their "I'm bored" moments. You can make simple crafts that will keep them occupied and entertained, and you don't have to go further than your recycling bin. Of course, some of these things aren't the most eco-friendly to have purchased anyway, but it's better to reuse before recycling to give it one more life.

Examples of what you can reuse:
2 liter bottles
water bottles
take-out containers
single serving fruit cup containers
toilet paper rolls
paper towel rolls
junk mail
tissue paper
paper bags
egg cartons

Get non-toxic paint, glue, pipe cleaners and go to town.

More eco-friendly options for crafts:
Use recycled paper if you don't have scrap paper lying around.
Use crayons made out of beeswax or soy instead of petroleum based.
Or make new things with broken crayon pieces:

Here are a few more websites with ideas on what to do with this stuff:

I hope this helps give you and the kids in your life some fun stuff to do while teaching them how to be green as well. Oh, and don't forget to recycle everything once you're finished. Enjoy the rest of the summer as eco-friendly as you can!

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